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Workout of the Week: Sexy Stretch

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Is your workout routine getting dull? We know the feeling! In this new feature, we try out different exercises and give you the scoop.

Workout: Sexy Stretch at Flirty Girl Fitness

Cost: $25 per class; memberships available at

What You’ll Need: A bottle of water. The yoga mat, yoga blocks and resistance straps are provided.

Fun Factor: 5 out of 5

The Real Deal: After a particularly hectic day, I needed some R&R in my life (here’s looking at you, Mercury in retrograde!). So I headed to Sexy Stretch at Flirty Girl Fitness. I’ve taken a similar class back at my home studio in Baltimore, so I was excited to see how this one would compare. Just so you know: there is nothing sexy about sexy stretch. Everyone is fully clothed, but the class does make you feel better about your body.

Despite years of cheerleading and dancing, I’m not quite as flexible as I should be, which is where this class comes in handy. During the one-hour session, we used yoga blocks to help improve our posture, as well as resistant bands to get a deeper stretch. Through intense stretching techniques, you loosen up your muscles and feel your body elongating. But here’s the best part: you don’t have to be a professional yogini or Pilates guru to master these moves. Sexy Stretch is for ALL fitness levels!

For me, the class is beneficial both physically and mentally. Have you ever sat in child’s pose with the lights dimmed and soft music playing in the background? You should try it! Afterward, I felt completely stress-free…a LOT less frantic than I’d arrived. If you need to “get away” for an hour, you should definitely check a class like this out!