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Workout of the Week: Heel Hop DVD

Is your workout routine getting dull? We know the feeling! In this new feature, we try out different exercises and give you the scoop.

Workout: Heel Hop DVD

Cost: $18.95 at

What You’ll Need: DVD, pair of heels with a strap around the ankle, light hand weights

Fun Factor: 3.5 out of 5

The Real Deal: When I came across Heel Hop, I immediately got excited about the prospect of working out in heels! After all, that’s what I’d do back at Xpose Fitness in Baltimore. However, Heel Hop turned out a bit differently than I’d anticipated.

As a former cheerleader and hip-hop dancer, I was looking forward to 60 minutes of sultry choreography, a la the Pussycat Dolls’ fitness video I tried out back in the day, but you won’t find any eight-counts here. Instead, Heel Hop provides more of an aerobic workout.

Admittedly, I took my heels off about halfway through the video (I know, I know, it’s cheating); however, the 6-inch heels I’d been accustomed to dancing in at Xpose were a little too “heel-licious,” as Heel Hop creator Kamilah Barrett would say.

The DVD is a full-body workout broken down into exercises for your core, upper body, lower body. Staring at Kamilah’s perfect abs kept me motivated through the core part. You’d better watch out, Janet!

Overall, I thought it was a good workout, even if it wasn’t entirely what I expected. I would try it again, perhaps with some lower heels next time.

Check out the video below and tell us if you’d try Heel Hop!