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Workout of the Week: Cha-Cha Dance Class

Is your workout routine getting dull? We know the feeling! In this new feature, we try out different exercises and give you the scoop.

Workout: Beginners’ Cha-Cha Class

Cost: $20 per person, but I snagged a two-for-one YouSwoop deal

What You’ll Need: Comfortable clothes and non-rubber soled shoes

Fun Factor: 4.5 out of 5

The Real Deal: When I saw the YouSwoop for Duet Dance Studios in Chicago, I thought hmm…this could be a fun! I bought a voucher for two people and asked my boyfriend to pick a style: salsa, swing, tango or cha-cha. He chose cha-cha. (Full disclosure: we did NOT look anything like the couple in the above picture).

Now, even though I’d taken a ballroom class for a semester back in college, neither one of us are even close to being professional dancers. There were two other couples in the class (we were the youngest) and it was so. much. fun!

Szewai Lee, the instructor, did an excellent job of running over basic steps and slowly adding on once everyone felt comfortable with the moves. We even learned a couple of spins! She was also great at providing one-on-one help when necessary. We cha-cha’d to a number of contemporary songs, including “Blurred Lines,” “Get Lucky” and “Treasure.”

After about 45 minutes of instruction, we were free to dance on our own and practice the moves we’d just learned. Or you could mix and mingle while drinking libations because it was also BYOB.

Do I feel competent enough to compete on the next season of Dancing with the Stars? No, but it’s a beginners’ class. Do I feel as though I learned enough to hold my own on the next cruise I take? You bet!

The class is a good introduction to ballroom for beginners and I’d like to try some of the other styles at Duet Dance Studio. In addition to being a pretty good workout (you’d be surprised how long it didn’t take to work up a sweat), it was also a very fun date!

You know what they say, the couple that dances together, stays together. Or something like that…

Check out the video below and tell us if you’d try a cha-cha class in your area!  If you do, find us on Twitter or hit us on Instagram with the hashtag: #WOW for Workout of the Week.