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WHO’S THAT BOSS: LaMonica Moore

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LaMonica Moore-Madden is an entrepreneur, speaker, digital brand ambassador, and purpose monetization strategist who is passionate about encouraging others to find their potential, their purpose, and live fulfilling lives. She’s also the founder of the Monetize Your Brand Business School. The institution is dedicated to helping ministers and evangelists reinvent their lives and monetize their ministries.

The BOSS Network:
Walk us through your journey to success. How did you get to this point?

LaMonica Moore-Madden: I worked as a small business marketing consultant for around 10 years. The company that I was working for went through a merger and laid off more than 30% of my division. After the lay-off I saw an opportunity for me to take my knowledge, my success, and my skills and go into business for myself.

The BOSS Network: What do you do to stay on top of your game professionally?

LaMonica Moore-Madden: I am CONSTANTLY learning and testing new strategies. I actually set aside two full days per week to focus solely on business development and learning. I have a very vast marketing library full of courses and programs on topics on everything from social media ad conversion to internet marketing strategies and everything in between. I spend thousands of dollars per year to educate myself and my team on the latest strategies, internet marketing trends, and conversion optimization techniques. I spend an equal amount of money testing all of these tips, tricks, and strategies in order to better educate my audience and my clients on what’s working best now and how they can apply it to their business.

The BOSS Network: How do you balance your personal life with your professional?

LaMonica Moore-Madden: I have a VERY supportive husband who keeps me balanced, I have a clone for a daughter who has no problem telling me to close my laptop and play with her and I have a very close relationship with God and all three together keep me in order. Those three are my rocks and nothing that I do would be possible without them. But, to be a little more technical, I try my best to adhere to a schedule. Meaning I have a hard start time and a hard end time. The activities that I do in between those times vary from day to day. But no matter what I’m doing or how into the flow of work I am, when it’s time for me to take off my work hat and switch into my wife & mommy hat, I do it.

The BOSS Network: What advice would you give to a budding entrepreneur or career woman?

LaMonica Moore-Madden: Never be afraid to take risks and never let your fear of success or failure get in the way of your greatness. Being ordinary is easy. Being complacent is easy, but being great takes bravery and hard work. Greatness is not biased or prejudice, greatness has no care or concern for your past or your economic background. Greatness makes itself available to anybody who works hard enough to obtain it and the only way to obtain it is to overcome your fear of it.

The BOSS Network: What does being a BOSS mean to you?

LaMonica Moore-Madden: To me, being a BOSS means, living out your life, your passion & your purpose on your terms. Unapologetically.

The BOSS Network: If you had to sum up what you do in one sentence what would it be?

LaMonica Moore-Madden: I help people turn their personal brands into profitable brands.

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