The Weeknd And Selena Gomez Are Basically The New Rebound Couple

EXCLUSIVE: *PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE RATES APPLY* The couple continued their globe-trotting romance ahead of The Weeknd's gig in Buenos Aires by hitting the streets of trendy Palermo neighborhood for a loved-up early-evening bar crawl. The pair put on plenty of PDAs - even making out while watching the Argentina soccer game at one bar. They hit up no less than 3 bars in two hours, before returning to their exclusive hotel in the early evening.

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Selena Gomez in pinstripes is channeling major Parisian vibes in South America. 

The new rebound couple are all over social media and from the looks of the photos they are getting very comfortable with each other nowadays. But can you blame them? They both just went through shady breakups with their exes and instead of being scarred and lonely for a few months, they found shelter within each other. It’s a great strategy, too. So it’s understandable that Selena needs to mark her territory in Buenos Aires, Argentina (most recently ) and pretty much all over the world. The paparazzi are having a great time capturing the couple frolicking around town, care free and in love … we all know what The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye’s melodies are capable of.

Selena’s Parisian Pinstripes

She walked down the street stargazed in an Isabel Marant  spaghetti strapped asymmetric pinstripe dress and white tennis shoes. She kept it cute and classy.Who knew satin, army fatigue and brown stripes can go together all in one bomber jacket ensemble. This is what you call Stage to Reality style. It was just enough “under the radar” to fit comfortable with Selena’s cozy girl style.

Abel’s Satin Bomber

Abel went from the stage to the streets in this very busy bomber jacket. Not only is it army camouflage, it’s also red and gold stripped. He finishes off his casual day look in a pair of black jeans, white tee and of course stand out Gucci tennis shoes.

The couple have been dating for a few weeks now, and  Selena has joined The Weeknd in France and Colombia. Is this traveling couple here to stay?