Wedding guru Tutera on making Valentine’s Day a hit

Wedding guru David Tutera offers Valentine's Day tips. / Photo courtesy of WEtv
Wedding guru David Tutera offers Valentine's Day tips. / Photo courtesy of WEtv

By// Kyra Kyles

You hear that whirring sound over your heads, fellas?

That’s Cupid’s arrow, locked, loaded flying your way. Valentine’s Day is upon us. But no need to be nervous about making the holiday special for the person you love the most. JET caught up with celebrity wedding planner David Tutera to fool-proof your V-Day plans.

As a bonus, the affable host of WE TV’s My Fair Wedding, offered intel on how to propose on Feb. 14.

(Get ready to hit “print” on this post. Tutera knows what he’s talking about.)

Let’s start with planning a divine date.

Plan it in advance.

“Take a few minutes out of your day the week before to come up with something specific and personal you will both enjoy,” Tutera advises. “Do something that has heart and sentiment and personality to it.”

2. Start the celebration early.

“I like to start it out in the beginning of the day,” Tutera confides. “Whether you’re living together or not, set up a scavenger hunt hinting at what you have planned for the evening. It gives her something to look forward to.”

3. Keep it simple, sweetheart.

Valentine’s may not be the day to try that new restaurant with the hard-to-get reservations. Tutera suggests making a tradition of your annual sweethearts’ celebration by going to the same spot every year. “It’s nice because it has that connection to who you are as a couple,” Tutera suggests. “Many of my friends pick the same restaurant every year and they just don’t go there together any other day of the calendar year.”

And now, these three pieces of advice are for the gentleman planning to turn their fair ladies into fiancées by night’s end.

Don’t overthink it.

“You’d be surprised how many guys forget to get down on one knee. Go with the basics, just as you would on any Valentine’s date night. Take her somewhere special, bring the ring, but don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be this big spectacular.”

Prepare the words.

Tutera says an upcoming episode of My Fair Wedding features a couple where he has to “redo” their romantic proposal because the groom-to-be simply pulled out the ring and said “here” to his girlfriend. “You don’t have to make a speech, but think of what you want to say from the heart,” Tutera insists. “Don’t have a piece of paper and read from it. Just make sure you say ‘will you marry me’ somewhere in there.”

Videotape it.

Ask a friend to come along on the special night and hide in the cut, with a camera. “You miss a great opportunity if the proposal is not videotaped,” Tutera tells “It’s a great edit to add to your wedding video, and to enjoy many many years ahead. It’s the beginning of your life together as spouses, so make sure to record this if you can.”

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