What To Wear To A Tech Conference

Each year South By Southwest (also known as SXSW) brings together thousands of artists, rising tech stars and burgeoning fashion leaders convene to discuss trends and the latest innovation.

SXSW is where “technology and entertainment” merge.  It is likely you will meet the next India Arie and then wander into your first video game competition in a movie theater-sized room ( seriously, last year Super Mario Bros had no seats left). Meanwhile, the city is filled with so many people from all walks of like ready to experience something different, and this annual conference happens to be one of the most fashionable.  

For one, it’s always relatively good weather because it’s Texas and it’s not located in a dessert like the Coachella Music Festival. However, whatever you decide to wear, stay away from traditional outfits, like wearing a trench coat to a outdoor hippy music event. Let me be clear that all music events at SXSW are jam packed with eager people who like to spill their beer on people and surprisingly the majority are from Austin, Texas.  Stay away from Maxi dresses and incorporate your favorite jean garment into one of your conference style looks. Here are some items you should definitely bring to your next tech conference. 

A Bomber Jacket

For the cold nights in downtown Austin, wear a light jacket.

KITH Pink Bomber Jacket via


Statement Footwear

Stick to chunky heels and canvas sneakers. Traditionally, the technology industry despises getting dressed up because tech people are too busy coding and solving complex analytics algorithms. Plus, in Austin, Texas, you go flow.


Robert Clergerie via


A Trendy Pair of Pants

Whether you are attending the interactive parts of SXSW or solely there for the music showcases, you’re going to need a comfortable pair of pants that are hip and cool.

3XM cropped fridge jeans via


A Chic Backpack

Manu Atelie’s suede bag or something comparable is a  necessary conference. SXSW or tech conferences in general are good for inundating you with information and marketing collateral. You’ll be interested in a most of it, so bring a good size bag to keep track of all your new belongings.

Manu Atelie Baby Blue Suede Bag via

Your Favorite Band Tee

Don’t forget to wear and incorporate your favorite band tee into your conference wardrobe. If you’re worried about looking too casual, you can always throw a black blazer on with. Band tee shirts are great conversation starters.

Prada Tee Shirt via