What To Wear… On Easter Sunday

You know, powder blue Roc-A-Wear suit, white Nike her… 

This Easter, be prepared to see lots of lace and bustiers. We’re predicting a lot of Marie Antoinette vibes and if you’re scheduled to spend Easter with your gramps, then be prepared to wear your white gloves, fur heels, pearls and knee highs. And TBH we are patiently awaiting what Heather Lindsey– author, speaker all out fashionable diva, will wear on Easter. She’s already serving major style looks on her newest show where she gives dating and lifestyle advice based on Religion. Here she is below prepping  to deliver “the word.”

Don’t be lazy, get dressed right with our top picks for Easter Sunday.

Fur Heels

These strappy heels are so cute when worn properly. Avoid wearing these heels with above the knee skirts and dresses because then it may come off as inappropriate.

A Cute Dress

Rebecca Taylor and designers alike are all about the coiled lace trimmings this season.

Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus

The Perfect Clutch

A Statement Hat

Nothing says Easter than a fabulous hat!

Or a chic headpiece!