Would you wear? Birkenstock Hiking Sandals…

File under “man-repelling.” 

Trend alert! Guys and dolls are wearing Bikenstock Hiking Sandals like nobodies business, but are they really chic?

Would you wear?

These classic hiking sandals have been reworked and styled to look chic! But they are hold an ugly characteristic in our fashion dictionary. #SorryNotSorry

As seen on the some of the most stylish ed influencer feet of our time, the sandals are look comfortable. However, they don’t do anything for the form of flat feet! Caution, ducks are walking.


I believe the term is man repelling, Birkenstocks are widely popular for mom’s who need shoes to take their kids to school. While we do think these sandals are great for those insanely beautiful Los Angeles hiking trails, they certainly do not have a place in the New York City.

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This is one trend we could definitely pass on.