Viral Breastfeeding Picture Stirs Controversy

Full disclosure: I am not a mom; however, God willing, I hope to become one someday and, when that time comes, I fully intend to breastfeed my child(ren).

But will I opt to do it in public, like Karlesha Thurman, the college graduate who has recently come under fire for breastfeeding her daughter during commencement?

I’m not so sure.

I’m fully aware of the health benefits of breastfeeding for both the mom and the baby and totally support women who decide to nourish their infants this way (as well as women who choose the formula route…to each her own). And I understand that when a baby has to eat, he/she has to eat and cannot necessarily wait until you reach a “designated” feeding area.

In these cases, I would probably opt to cover myself and my baby with a burping cloth just because I’m uncomfortable with “letting it all hang out.” There’s no body shame here, I would just prefer to breastfeed with a little bit of camouflage. Whether that will actually happen remains to be seen…

Breastfeeding, especially in public, has been quite the debate over the years, as evident by the existence of Facebook groups such as Black Women Do Breastfeed and Blacktating Blog. After all, they’re just boobs and breastfeeding is actually the reason they exist. I mean, women go topless all the time on European beaches all the time, so breasts shouldn’t be a big deal. But, this is America (remember Nipple Gate?), not to say that makes it right.

What do you think of the “controversy”?