5 Tips to A Healthy …& Romantic Valentine’s Day

How to enjoy a romantic VDay without the post-consumption guilt

This is the season for love and as many of us get ready for Valentine’s Day, the smell of roses, chocolates, sweets and wine is right around the corner.

This day is usually spent dining out with your loved ones, while overindulging on high-calorie meals and the best sweets on the planet. Most wake up the next day regretting how many calories they ate the day before. However, this Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be that way. Here are five healthy tips that won’t rob you of an enjoyable holiday.

1) Cook at home.

Cooking at home allows you to control what you’re eating and choose your favorite foods. Try a healthy recipe that your loved one can enjoy and appreciate, because you put your time, heart and soul into it.

2) Buy a romantic spa gift.

Instead of buying boxes of chocolates and sweets, try buying a romantic spa gift for your loved one with a foot, facial, or full body massage that will keep his or her mind off all the sweets.

3) Make a healthy dessert.

Choose your favorite dessert, but use healthy ingredients that will still keep you both happy, knowing that you put love and care into it while still satisfying your taste buds.

4) Take it slow.

If you go out on a date and dinner normally leaves you feeling stuffed, try sharing a plate together. Take any leftovers home so you’re not overeating.

5) Get active.

You don’t always have to go out for dinner or a movie for Valentine’s Day. Try an adventurous outing instead as a way to spend quality time together. Go to a nearby park and view the scenery, take a walk, play basketball, workout at the gym, go skiing or biking, take a trip to the zoo or even try a painting or cooking class.

Brittany Ramsey, also known as MissFitBritt, is a Kinesiology Specialist, N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Instructor and Motivational Speaker, Fitness Model and National NPC Figure Competitor and Prep Coach. MissFitBritt has a passion for helping in the transformation to create healthier lifestyles. To Inquire about services or to Book Your Next Event with MissFitBritt She can be reached at