Tech Report: Apple Enters The Streaming Game

The streaming music game has added another contender in the fight for listeners and at-your-service tunes.

Apple is expected to announce their new streaming music service next week, reports USA Today. The company initially changed the scope of purchasing music with iTunes Music and became the No. 1 retailer.

However, within the last few years, free and paid subscription services such as Pandora and Spotify have swept in changing the way we receive music once again. Aware of this revolution, Apple tried to take on platform leader Pandora, with their low desired iTunes Radio two years ago.

The approach this round is to present both an audio and visual experience with a prominent display on the iPhone homescreen, near the phone, mail and the Safari internet browser – a real estate that is Apple exclusive.

For the audio experience, the service will allow consumers to find new music via radio stations programmed by DJs. Apple will also include a mix of free and paid-on-demand music.

Right now, Pandora is dominating the industry with 79.2 million active listeners monthly.

What are you looking for in a music streaming service? Will Apple make your list of top platforms? Let us know in the comments!