How To Upgrade Your Apartment Using Your Wardrobe

If you got it, flaunt it. 

Now that spring cleaning has cleared the way for more important items, here’s how to upgrade your apartment using your wardrobe.

Create A Wall Display

If you love your shoes, why not put them on display. Sneaker heads, use a book shelf or display case to show off your most prized possessions.

Use Your Books As An Alternative Surface

Use books to elevate surfaces or create an entirely new surface for your favorite handbags!

Photo via Home Polish

Use Wooden Hangers To Show Your Favorite Magazine Covers

Ever wonder what to do with all that extra wall space and pile of magazines? Grab a few clear thumbtacks, your favorite magazines and a hangers to create the ultimate wall display!

Jewelry Display

Use a glass soap dish!

Frame Your Favorite Concert Tee Shirt

It’s fun to wear your Prince or Michael Jackson tee shirt, but it will probably bring your more comfort knowing it’s safe in a frame hanging on your wall. You can also frame funny typography too!