Unsung Sheroes: 10 Historical Black Women Figures

While striving to save the world is trendy, it’s not necessarily the easiest task to take on. African-American women have accomplished great feats throughout history, but in a sea of achievers, it’s only natural a few deserving dignitaries might fall beneath the radar.

In honor of Women’s History Month, JET is here to bridge the gap by delivering our top 10 historical Black women figures in a feature we’d like to call, Unsung Sheroes. Click through the gallery for a dose of inspiration and history. If we missed anyone, comment below or feel free to share your personal sheroe.

Octavia Butler

Octavia E. Butler

Often known as being shy, Octavia E. Butler was diagnosed with dyslexia in her younger years, but developed a love for science fiction after watching Devil Girl from Mars at the age of 12. She went on to pen the award-wining Parable series and was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2010, four years after her death in 2006.

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