Why Sending An Unsolicited Nude Pic Is A Bad Idea

Like many young women on social media, Rebecca Mcgregor has received her fair share of unsolicited nude pics. And like a lot of folks, the 21-year-old lingerie model and photographer is sick of it.

But while many just ignore or block their offenders, Mcgregor decided to teach one a lesson.

According to Mashable, Mcgregor decided to send the offensive post to the guy’s mom. Well then.

While this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, Mcgregor’s actions have got the internet to talkin.’

Mcgregor went ahead and slid on in the man known as “Glenn’s” mother’s inbox.

“Hey doll, i see you’re listed as Glenn’s mother? I think you need to have a chat with your son on how to approach women – see attached xx,” she wrote.


Mcgregor told Mashable that she opted for such a direct approach because she’s sick and tired of having an inbox full of unsolicited nudes daily, probably more than most people, due to her profession.

While she has her fair share of supporters, not everyone is a fan of Mcgregor’s actions.


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