Unbreakable Beauty Resolutions

Credit: Thinkstock

Welcome to Beauty School!  Every Monday, JET experts will teach you how to preserve your sexy.  This week, make-up and hair expert Dre Brown offers insights on beauty resolutions for 2014.


Now that we’ve had those final slices of Christmas cake, a few more sips of wine, and fallen asleep in our makeup with a cheerful holiday smile upon our faces, it’s time that we declare our new year promises to pretty ourselves up in the next 12 months. As with traditional New Year’s declarations, “beauty resolutions” can fall victim to abandonment as the winter weeks creep along. Whether your beauty resolution is to master that brow trick you learned on YouTube, let go of the “creamy crack” and embrace your natural hair, or finally commit to exfoliating regularly, try these tips for keeping your personal beauty promises …

Go bold NOT big:


When it comes to challenging yourself to refresh your beauty in the new year, stick steadfast to your goal by choosing a bold resolution instead of the “biggest” one you can imagine. Boldness (like vowing to rock a vampy red lip at least once a week) can get you outside your comfort zone with ease and feasibility without quitting risk associated with big challenges like shaving your head or maintaining a Brazilian wax if you’ve never had one.

Enroll a Beauty Buddy:


Don’t stand alone at the beauty resolution crossroads. Stay committed with a companion! Lock down your bi-weekly gel mani with a girlfriend whose digits need designing, too. Or, if going natural, ward off the relaxer relapse with a naturalista accountability partner. Beauty exploration is always more fun with good company, so buddy-up and beat resolution breakdown.

Stay Fabulously Flexible:


Beauty is ever-evolving! So keep the wind in your resolution sail with flexible goals for ultimate new year success. If you are dying to try lashes, explore inexpensive disposable strips before jumping headfirst into the commitment and expense of more pricey long-wear individuals. Maintaining flexibility around your beauty declarations allows you to keep your efforts fun and feasible with less likelihood of jumping ship.

Your Turn: What is your beauty resolution for 2014? Tell us in the comments!