Twin Bloggers TK Wonder And Cipriana Are Killing The Game With Campaigns

Kenneth Cole to Agent Provocateur, these identical influencers are on a roll. 

Twin bloggers TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann are fashion’s most adored style bloggers and just recently, their faces have been everywhere. They recently just landed a Kenneth Cole footwear campaign, introduced a natural type of risqué lingerie campaign for Agent Provocateur, and overall are the purveyors all things cool. While the Brooklyn based twin sisters have undeniably killer style, it’s their crowns that are the real show stoppers. It’s big, dramatic and mostly unique. Here are a few fun facts that we all should know about these twins.

They promote diversity.

What makes them unique is their commitment to diversity. From their clothing to their hair, they are always spreading self awareness and black culture to the mainstream audiences they reach on social and in person on a daily basis

“Diversity is a message we strongly believe in no matter the platform. To get rid of this archaic ideology of the All American beauty that doesn’t include diversity. That the term “All American” should be exactly that, ALL-inclusive, and include ALL Americans. This is a new day and age and I think social media has really helped encourage a new way people should see beauty.” – TK Wonder via Instagram


Urban Bush Babes

One twin Cipriana has their own online platform called Urban Bush Babes ( where she curates a mix of nouveau designers, natural hair techniques and other lifestyle topics all while documenting her style journey on social media. Even though the website was launched in 2014, and still relatively new, both twins rose to fame in less than six months of the website existence…because that’s how thirsty fashion was for something new.

TK Wonder Has Soul

TK Wonder has a music identity of her own. Her genre is on a planet of its own as her sound is  an afro punk  mixed with goth-sexy tunes, not sure the exact genre but it sounds like hotel music.

Twin Style On Fleek

The twins continue to be recognized around the world and they are proving to be a powerhouse.