Hurricane Harvey: Trump to Avoid Houston During Texas Visit

President Trump will reportedly avoid Houston during his visit to Texas Tuesday, New York Daily News reports.

He will visit locations “closer” to where Tropical Storm Harvey landed, according to officials. Gov. Greg Abbott said the president would be avoiding the city hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey so he will “not be getting into harm’s way or interrupting the evacuations or emergency response.”

“He most likely will be going closer to where the hurricane hit land,” the Texas governor said during an appearance on Cbs The Morning.

On Monday, Vice President Mike Pence said Trump was “anxious” to arrive in Houston and that the administration will be there “for the long haul” when it comes time to rebuild. Texas officials estimate recovery efforts to take years.

The storm has killed at least eight people so far, three of which are believed to have drowned in their cars. Thousands of residents remain displaced and stranded in the flood.

Authorities expect the toll to rise as rescue efforts continue along with more rain and surging floodwaters along the Gulf Coast.