We Tried It: Monster 24K Headphones

Monster 24K headphones on a white background

Here at JET, our editors are on a mission to test out products to see if they are fit for you, our most amazing readers. Hence, our newest feature: “We Tried It.”   In this entry, our Editorial Director Kyra Kyles slid on a pair of Monster 24K headphones to see if these gold gadgets have got the goods.  

Product: Monster 24 K Professional DJ-Style Headphones

Retail Price: $240 to $280

Features: DJ-Style Swiveling Earcups, Tangle-resistant Coil Cable, ControlTalk Universal (in-line mic with controls for Android, tablets and other devices), 1/4 inch adapter, Carrying Pouch with drawstrings

The Trial:  First, I evaluated the fit.  We’ve all tried on headphones that squeezed our heads to the damn-near popping point and if that was the case, I would go no further. I need my brains to write.  But after a few moments of feeling like my ears had pillows on either side, I went into my Spotify to see if the solid gold status stopped at the coating.  I am a dyed-in-the-Timberlands hip-hop connoisseur, so I started my road test with a ’90s hip-hop playlist with some Wu-Tang Clan, Jeru the Damaja, Bahamadia and even a little vintage Blackmoon.  If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, shame on you.  That’s a mix of those grungy basement beats that you need to be able to hear even if you’re in a penthouse suite.  Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit A” also flowed like the River Styx through these bad boys.  I then pretended to like what is currently on the radio, settling for Chris Brown and Usher’s “New Flame.”  The ‘phones allowed me to clearly hear that whooshing sound so prevalent in R&B.  I swear I thought I was listening through a conch shell.  Breezy and Ursh’s gorgeous vocals filled my entire head and caused me to temporarily want to go on a date with the next man that asked me. Luckily, I snapped out of that fast.  So, the short story is the aural experience is a 9 of 10.  I didn’t roadtest Migos or Young Thug though….after the whole date thing, I didn’t want to accidentally throw money at the Starbucks barista or involuntarily champagne shower the next thick chick I saw on Michigan Avenue.

The Verdict:  If you’re a style-conscious audiophile who wants their headphones to look and sound amazing, this might be the splurge for you.  Just watch the highest volume setting, not only for your own good but if you’re sitting next to someone on the plane, train or bus.  Unless you’re Skrillex, Pharrell, Timbaland or the RZA and look like you are busy creating the next epic beat, you will get the side-eye if this glorious sound awakens your neighbor.

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