Trends Spotted On These Very Stylish Men

Beards are still on the run!

It’s the season for stuntin’ on the street. Men’s street style has evolved even more than women’s and we couldn’t be more intrigued. Let the people watching begin!

In this round of street style, we see men’s style embracing some classic women’s trends, like embroidered denim jackets and cropped trousers.  #Outfitgrid on Instagram and a quick search on Pinterest will reveal that the biggest show is only a click away.

Like Future, we love a man in a good hat.

It’s eye candy, it’s fashion. These dude blur the lines of how to dress for a date or for work. At this point, who really cares when the outfit is so perfect, you want to wear it too.

Click ahead to see what’s new in men’s street style. 

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