Trend Report: The Skirt Suit

It’s all about dressing devastatingly chic and handling business in a skirt suit, ladies.

It wasn’t like the skirt suit went away, it’s just that it became out of style and outdated in an attainable price range. Put it this way, if it isn’t Chanel, than don’t even think about it. But the tables have truly turned and Zara, to H&M and no name boutiques are stocking up with the cutest and classiest tweed, cotton and floral print suit sets for the working girls to the ladies who brunch after church.

Your grandmother probably knows the secret, and that is wearing a set is so easy and dare I say it, comfortable when paired with the right silk undergarments in the right size. Gone are the days when tight fit equaled a raise, it’s time to grow up and wear something a bit more above the norm. Skirt suits will make you stand out with confidence whether signing a new contract or depositing a bank check.

We present our top picks for the skirt suit.