Trend Alert: Postal Worker Style Is A Thing

Cool kids will make anything work.

In the latest trend emerging straight off the runway and onto the gritty city streets is postal worker style. Hell, any civic duty uniform is cool nowadays. Run to you’re nearest salvation army, postal worker style is cool.

Start your own mail delivery service

Because USPS has probably lost your package with an utter nonchalance attitude fashion cannot come close to mimic, a trend in their honor is a must. At first Vehement’s latched onto DHL’s futuristic color scheme and international design appeal. Then, Jeremy Scott’s devoted Moschino’s Spring 2018 collection to his obsession to packaging. Call it a fashion paradox, but now street style is having their fair share of postal worker meets civic duty style.

Get the look

Customized your postal service outfit with a Dickie’s collar shirt and embroidered name tag. Teen Vogue EIC Elaine Welteroth paired her customize postal worker blouse with a midi skirt and white moon boots.