Trend Alert: Dudes, Plaid Is Back And Not Just For Dad Shirts

Fear of God’s tartan mesh robe for guys is everything.

Fear of God is on a whole new level. There’s never been a better pattern set in the color scheme of red for a fleece or heavy cotton button down shirt. Ladies have been stealing baes shirt for years to create the perfect waist accessory and now the pattern has perhaps returned to its better self.

Fear of God’s spring offerings for men is all about plaid. From their tartan mesh robe we know Kanye and Justin Bieber will be all over soon, to their version of weekend pants – plaid drawstring trousers, the spring collection is about to take streetwear fashion to another level. I mean, we’ve already seen Meek Mill in a Gucci jacket, buttoned to the neck too! Dudes, step up your tee shirt game.

Here are our favorite styles of plaid for Spring.

Fear of God

This Los Angeles based brand that sometimes creates concert merch for Justin Bieber and Kanye West, has definitely matured from releasing cut up tee shirts too full blown tailored garments.

The drawstring trousers have arrived.

Get them before their sold out.

Streetwear’s idea of normcore.

Dudes be like, “I have nothing to wear.”

The daytime robe.

No excuse now, dudes can be dressed and look good in plaid.

The plaid button down got rock.

Kanye will be wearing this on his next visit to meet the President.

The sometimes-y skirt.


Photo credit: Instagram/Fear of God