Trend Alert: Ankle Corsets to Spice Up Any Shoe

Snatch up your whole life. 

The accessory of moment is for your ankles, and we’re not mad at this low-key cute corset for the most underrated part of female’s body.

Ankle corsets

Lifestyle brand Beige and Coco has just released a lacy ankle corset to add to your summertime outfit.  You can wear it with stilettos and cropped jeans or a edgy oversized dress with sandals. It gives those barely there shoes some extra weight! So far, the ankle corset comes only in black, and is one size fits all.



Ankle corsets. Available.

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In the past year, Beige and Coco have released a number of lace-up garments for varying body parts, such as the shoulders and thighs. The brand pushes the border of stripper style for  classy daytime looks.

Get the look here.