Travel the World, Fearlessly

You don't have to spend a fortune to travel the world. Our contributing writer shares four websites that will help you, no matter your budget.
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We had an incredible Google+ Hangout on Saturday. With that, we also had a ton of unanswered questions. Scroll below to find some answers to the questions we missed. If you couldn’t make the Hangout, click HERE to check it out!

Sonjia, Cameron and Nate chime in on your unanswered questions below.

1. How would one go about seeking out the right travel partner? Sometimes we choose those we feel we mesh with the best then get to the destination and its a disaster. Also any advice on best time to travel to Greece?

Sonjia: Who do you have similar values with? Who likes to travel the way you like to travel, stay the places you like to stay, eat the kinds of things you like to eat, etc. The more you can find someone who has a similar approach to life, the greater the likelihood that you will get along while traveling. Having said that, things could always fall apart & disagreements ensue. That could happen with a married couple on their honeymoon! It’s about communication & setting expectations (.e.g. how will the expenses be split, what if one person wants to do something & the other doesn’t, etc.). And it’s also about flexibility. Things can & do go wrong while traveling. If you can maintain a flexible attitude & a determination to make the best of things despite the people & the circumstances, that will serve you in the short…and the long run! And remember how well (or not so well) that person traveled with you afterwards. In other words, don’t keep traveling with people you know you clash with while on vacation!

2. I have travelled to so many wonderful places. How do you get started as a travel blogger? What other careers are out there for people that travel a lot?

Cameron: The best way to start a travel blog is to start writing down the places you go and a few lines on your activities at those places. Consider the travel blog as you personal account of your experience, something that in 20 years you’ll read to bring back memories. Also, Use your travel blog as a way to process your experiences, at the end of each day set aside 15 minutes to review your notes and then wrote the memories surrounding the note. 

Sonjia: There are a number of expert articles on the Web about getting started as a travel blogger and careers for people who want to travel. Be sure to spend some time just Googling those and reading some of what comes up. But right off-hand, at its core, blogging is about writing & sharing your perspective with the world. You don’t need a fancy platform to do that. Create a blog site (via WordPress, Blogger, etc.) & start blogging! Other travel careers can include things like auditors, language translators/correspondents, teachers, etc. You can also become an entrepreneur and create location-independent work that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world. Again, spend some time researching these on the Web, and I think you’ll be surprised at the options available to you.

3. What do you think about using for international accommodations?

Nate: Airbnb is a personal favorite of mine that I use frequently. For a more local experience, I typically stay away from hotels and find an apartment somewhere within the city center. The apartment owner, who provides their contact details once booked, can easily become your personal/virtual tour guide. They are quick to give you recommendations on where to go, what to eat, and most importantly, what not to do. They are typically always accessible throughout your stay. In Seoul, South Korea, the apartment owner waited for me until 3AM after being delayed at customs to ensure I arrived and settled in comfortably. In Ibiza, the apartment owner offered a free airport pick-up and rides to beach as needed since taxis were expensive. When selecting an apartment I recommended:

  • Select apartments with more than three reviews
  • Read ALL reviews to get a better understanding of the reactions from a diverse group of people
  • Select apartments from owners that provide transparent details regarding the apartment and has a high response rate

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