Travel Guide: Trinidad & Tobago

Most known for its annual Carnival festival, Trinidad & Tobago is one of the trendiest islands in the Caribbean culture.

Located in few hundred miles north of Venezuela, the population is filled with Afro- Indians, Latin & South East Asia people merged into group called Trinis with a distinct look, dialect, cuisine and dance.  Possibly one of the most cheapest and trendiest vacations, there is so much to do if you love the club, beaches and shopping. Here’s how to spend 5 days exploring Trinidad & Tobago.

Day 1: Land at the Piarco International Airport in Port of Spain, Trinidad and pick up a rental car. There is no such thing as the “metro,” so get ready to drive on the left side of the road.  Stop alongside the road for a refreshing coconut drink and doubles before check into a hotel in downtown Port of Spain. Head to Caroni Bird Sanctuary to see the “flying flamingos.” This tour starts around 4:45pm island time and so do your skin the favor and wear long pants and lots of bug spray. Bring binoculars. There are wooden boats that will take you on a journey down a swampy pathway for an hour until a big open lake reveals the greatest view of the Ibis birds flying in for the night to feed, mate and rest. Then head to dinner fully zenned out and ready to see more exotic bird sightings at the club or a street party, which is highly likely if traveling to Trinidad during carnival.

Day 2: Trinidad was made for beach days. Drive 40 miles North of Port of Spain to Maracas Beach on a two-way narrow road alongside the Trini mountains. Small cars are better than large Range Rovers to get to the beach, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be greeted by hungry wild dogs that will try to end your life by darting in front of your car because they are in search of food and water. Maracas Beach has everything you would want for a beach; Bake and Shark ( fried shark served on doughy bread with lots of Indian toppings), chair and beach towel rentals, a nice ocean sound, the perfect waves to jump over,  a relatively clean public bathroom, a parking lot and a bar. After tanning, head to the Aria, the best club in Trinidad to hear the hottest and latest in Soca music.

Day 3: Go see the hummingbirds at the Asa Wright Nature Reserve in Arima. If you’re really into birds then you’re going to want to take another dangerous drive to one of the oldest conservations for research on the island. It’s stone pathway leads to a vintage archival mansion, where the nature hike begins on the porch filled with buzzing hummingbirds. There’s a bunch of bird feeders to attract these little birds that fly so fast around your head. It’s so peaceful! After you get zenned out on this hike, head to Las Cuevas beach. It’s basically on the way back to your hotel. 

Day 4: Get up early and to catch a 45 minute flight to the island of Tobago. Prepare to snorkel the tropics all day in your swimsuit, no wetsuit is necessary because the water will be so warm. Once you land, you can hope on a tour bus at the airport by simply arranging with a travelling company like Project Expedition. Spend the rest of the night at a beach party, which will probably entail lots of wining on the beach. 

Day 5: Head back to Trinidad in the morning and unfortunately straight to the Piarco airport to return to your home.