5 Ways to Cope With Tragedy

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The issues and ills of society seem to have gotten worse over the last decade, and as a society, we are constantly inundated with negative news and updates. Our own personal psychological triggers ignite after hearing a difficult news report. Is it an actual rise in crime, or has our level of access to the information increased?

Either way, it can dampen our spirits and make us fearful of leaving our homes. We need a certain amount of peace to maintain our own productivity. Below are five tips for staying positive in the face of challenging news.

1. Limit your intake.

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Make an effort not to spend hours researching a specific event or crime. Once you learn of it, try not to Google the background information or the details. It will only lead to hours of research that will most likely make you feel worse.

2. Donate.

Many high profile news stories include an opportunity to donate something to the victims. The most recent mass shooting in Orlando, FL is an example. The blood banks are desperately in need of blood. Organizations are also in need of funds to help victims and their families. After doing your research on a specific organization, donating funds is an immediate way to make an impact. Donating time via volunteer efforts is another option for some relief organizations.

3. Self-Reflect.

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Without creating a tough mental space for yourself, take some time to reflect. Though you may not know any of the victims personally, decide how you can live your life in a positive way that will honor the victims. Instead of simply posting the usual phrase, “I will pray for the victims,” on your social networks, do it. Take time to send positive energy and prayers to others. It is beneficial for all involved. Hashtags and pictures are only symbols; true change begins when each individual takes action.

4. Maintain a positive perspective.


It is challenging to maintain a level of peace during turbulent times. As human beings, most of us have a level of empathy regarding the suffering of others. Such empathy can render us stressed and unproductive in other areas of our lives. Through spiritual meditation or other positive means, work hard to maintain an optimistic perspective while still displaying empathy for the victims.

5. Remain Fearless.

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Though you should always make an effort to be aware of your surroundings, still live your life to the fullest. Resist the urge to become fearful. The goal of terrorism and other random acts of violence is to change your perspective and make you afraid to live. Do not allow the challenging news and current events to demobilize you. The long-term ramifications can change your life and make you a victim as well.

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