Top 10 “Live to Wynn” Tips for 2014

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Ready for some resolutions you’ll actually keep this year? Lifestyle specialist Maisha Wynn shares her top 10 tips to help you make the most of 2014.  We’ve introduced them via our JET Twitter and Facebook page, but now we present you with the most inspiring and uplifting of her suggestions.

1. “Don’t allow past hurt to hold you back from being honored and respected by someone special. Let it go!”

2. “Make goal-setting a daily routine. Set a certain time each day to tackle your passion in life. Stay on task.”

3. “Healthy body = healthy mind! Get ACTIVE whether it’s twice a week or five days a week.”

4. “Replace your worry with faith. When you worry you create fear. Fear will only block you from reaching your greatest potential professionally and personally.”

5. “Learn to be selfless. Give of your time and talents without any expectations.”

6. “Be a self-motivator. Congratulate yourself for each personal goal you reach in life.”

7. “Look in the mirror daily and tell yourself: ‘I’m a magnet for greatness as a child of the Creator!'”

8.  “Explore the world. When you connect with other cultures and see how they live, it expands your mind.”

9. “Remember to breathe and embrace the simple joys in life. Inhale. Exhale. You have approximately 26,000 breaths a day. How many have you taken today? Be mindful of your breathing daily.”

10. “Set up a play date with you! This is so necessary in a world where people are pulling on you a million and one ways.”


About Maisha Wynn

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“If you want to stand out in life, don’t be different, be the wynn’er’ you were destined to be,” proclaims Lifestyle Specialist, Maisha Wynn. For Maisha, ‘Wynn’ (her last name) and ‘Win’ being a homonym of her last name is no accident because she is truly a winner. From knowing she would attend and graduate from Spelman College at the age of twelve years old to overcoming her own battle with obesity (size 20 to size 4), Maisha utilizes her personal experiences to promote triumph in the lives of others who desire to transform their thinking, living and/or eating. To learn more, visit and follow her on Twitter at @LiveToWynn1.