Today In Strange Careers: Steph Shep Becomes COO of the Kardashian Brand

Yes, this is a dream job. 

Today,  the selfie assistant Stephanie Shepherd has become the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Kardashian brand. How was this not on the job board?

She takes the best iPhone pics

In an interview with Refinery29, we learn a lot about being Kim K’s assistant. And reality check, it’s all business. The girl behind all of Kim K’s most intimate naked pics who has been her personal assistant for many years has taken the big leap into the executive world. Like many PAs and EAs would like to think, a job being an adult babysitter could actually lead to a career.

Congrats Steph Shep

Since she started working with the Kardashian’s, she has amassed over 700K followers on Instagram. She has handled more hairspray debacles than one, plus she knows a hella a lot of about marketing.

I think everyone thinks this job is super glamorous — and I can’t lie, it is.

Here are a few tips on being a good assistant.

Try your best to carry out orders.

“Once, we were in San Francisco, and Kanye was obsessed with that game Cards Against Humanity. I didn’t ask questions, I just figured out where the hell to find the game in San Francisco.

Listen to your boss carefully.

Lastly, I say take notes. Write. Shit. Down. Even if you think you’re gonna remember it in your head, you’re not. We have interns through Jenner communications, and every time I see an intern not taking notes when they’re getting instructions, I’m like, you’re gonna fuck this up! Just write it down — it’s not that hard!”

Welp, that’s how you get ahead, kids!