Should Michael Jordan Address #SneakerViolence?

For years, news reports reflecting  fatal violence and fist fights have seemingly become synonymous with the release of new Jordan sneakers. Most recently, there was the case of a failed robbery attempt in Cincinnati during which a teenager lost his life trying to steal a man’s “Legend Blue” Air Jordan XIs.

Various cases have ended in, death, dating back to 1989.

But who’s at fault? Is it Michael Jordan’s fault that admirers of his brand choose to behave wildly over a shoe? Is it Jordan’s fault that the release of any Air Jordan sets off alarms that violence will be in the vicinity of any shoe store distributing the sneaker?

Joe Sherman, writer for Complex Magazine, does place some blame on his Airness, asserting that it’s time for Michael Jordan to speak up against sneaker violence.

Diving further into the conversation of violence surrounding his brand, Sherman speaks to the lack of stance Jordan takes when it comes to political and social issues, altogether, emphasizing that his silence “conveys-rightly or wrongly-that he places greater importance on his financial welfare than the safety of the communities that it’s damaging.”

While the writer serves up extremely valid points and one would hope that Jordan’s influence could lend to an end of associated violence, if Jordan chose to create a PSA campaign, do you think it would impact change?

Take our poll, below and let us know if Jordan should speak up about sneaker violence and/or sound off in the comments with your thoughts.