This Week In Dinner Parties…

Here’s a look at the guest list.

The best parties are those that have the best finger food because obviously fashion and food don’t mix. In continuation of Coachella and the beginning of Tribeca film festival, celebs were busy.

Dinner in Los Angeles

Eddie Cruz, A$AP Bari, Kevin Poon Photo Credit: BFA

A$AP Bari and guests including ASAP Lou, Mischa Barton, No Vacancy Inn, Ben Baller, JonBoy, Ruth Gruca, Siobhan Bell and more fêted the US-introductionof the exclusive collaborative collection with Hiroshi Fujiwara of fragment design following a successful international release in Japan.

Photo Credit: BFA

Guests enjoyed personalized menu items such as: grilled market fish paired with coconut rice, roasted cauliflower with bulgur, dandelion & fried egg, as well as a Meyer lemon cheesecake with raspberries & almond milk by Ari Taymor of Alma at The Standard.

Photo Credit: BFA

Let’s go to the Odeon and order everything on the menu, k?

In New York, the Tribeca Film Festival kicked off with the Women in Film dinner party hosted by Chanel.

Film maker A.V. Rockwell

And of course, there was lots of champagne.

Photo Credit: BFA