Things We’re Refusing To Talk About: Kimoji Merch

But we have to because everyone on the internet is so hype.

After days of teasing her new collection of merchandise, Kim Kardashian has finally released a number of products that are, let’s just say, interesting. Aside from her butt-products, there are drug and alcohol paraphernalia that are branded in true Kardashian form.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good lighter to err light my candles, but rolling paper and a flask branded in kimojis just goes too far when it comes to brand authenticity. Also $12 for a lighter, omg did the lighter fluid come directly from hell?  It’s a known fact that Kim K doesn’t even smoke or drink! So I’m not sure why she would release a number of smoking accessories, what does she know about rolling paper anyways?? And this is why I’m sort of refusing to talk about her over priced “goodies,” because it’s all about brand authenticity and this new campaign is trying too hard. However, props to the website thought! Other than the pool floats, everything else is a waste of money. If these are items that you like, try ShopJeen.Com, which is like the over priced dollar store for cute and highly suggestive products that are always on sale and on trend.

Here are some items that we would like, so send them to the JET offices if any PR people happened to have extras. Thanks in advance.


Disclaimer: The writer of this post is indeed a Kim K app subscriber.