Stomping the Yard

It’s Time for Graduation: Now What?

It seemed like this day would never come, but it’s here. After four (or more) years of college, the time has finally come to receive your degree. It’s exciting, but also a bit scary. Until now, every step has been seamlessly laid out; graduate from high school, go to college, and get a degree. It seems like the next logical step would be to find a job. Or is it? More and more millennials are taking less traditional routes after graduation including:

  • Entrepreneurship and Start-ups: Instead of launching into a corporate career, many millennials have their sights set on building their own “Empire.” Asia Horne, founder of Empire Life Magazine decided to created an entrepreneurial platform for millennials and BY millennials, equipping her peers with the tools to build their own dreams instead of just working to build someone else’s. After a successful launch, she is positioned to make a name for herself in media, as a content curator and influencer. Starting your own business after graduation shows that you take initiative, can juggle multiple priorities, build audience, and can create a brand. By building and growing your audience, you become attractive to bigger brands who can partner with you to leverage your following.
Empire Life Magaz

Empire Life Team


  • Travel: A wise mentor once told me that when your world is small, your dreams are small. Many millennials are spending extensive time abroad, in places like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Australia, and the UK. Gaining international perspective will make you an attractive candidate as companies look to increase their global market share. Willingness to travel can also elevate your chances of getting hired over more seasoned candidates with families, who may not be willing to make such a commitment.
  • Focus on Finance: If mom and dad aren’t kicking you out of the nest right away, this would be an excellent opportunity to pay down some of your college debt or start building a nest egg for your future. Your debt-to-income ratio will affect all of your major purchases down the road, so it’s best to reduce student debt, credit card debt, and any other financial commitments that could hinder your chances of getting the best deals on cars or a house.

Regardless of the path you choose, leverage each opportunity to build your network. Even if you choose to go to graduate school, start building rapport with your professors and actively seek opportunities to gain experience in your field. If you choose not to go into the workforce right away, don’t lose momentum by chilling at home on the couch. Stay in action. You worked for your degree. It’s time to make it work for you.


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