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What Are Your Spring Break Plans?

Our college blogger, Kelly Fair, asks DePaul University students to share their Spring Break 2014 plans and recommendations.
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It seemed like winter would never end this year, and in some places it still feels like it hasn’t.  But, spring is upon us, and many students have set their plans for Spring Break 2014.

I visited students at DePaul University in my hometown Chicago to find out how they are planning to spend their Spring Break vacations, and their top recommendations for other college students.

Watch and let us know how you plan to spend your Spring Break! Plus, click HERE for Spring Break safety tips.

About Kelly Fair

Kelly Fair

Kelly Fair is the founder of the highly successful Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program that has served more than 600 girls 7-17 years old to be effective communicators, and career and community conscious leaders! This work has been supported by a network of 300+ volunteers from the Chicagoland community and area businesses such as Bloomingdale’s, Microsoft, ThoughtWorks and many more. You can follow Kelly on her blogand on Twitter at @KFairtheMentor.