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Dorm Room Design Ideas

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for HGTV! That’s why I was absolutely thrilled to catch up with Season 8 HGTV Star winner and Chicago native, Tiffany Brooks. Her design firm, You and Your Décor, has been transforming lives and spaces since 2007. Brooks’ edgy-chic, and sophisticated style landed her a new hosting gig on the network, and a ton of new design opportunities. This week, I asked the desinger to offer up her advice to college students hoping to spruce up and maximize their small living spaces.

Tiffany Brooks, HGTV Star

Use Drapery – Drapes instantly warm up the space and can make a ho-hum dorm room feel more like home. Brooks recommends buying inexpensive, vertical panels, and hanging them from ceiling to floor.


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Use Every Square Inch of Vertical Storage – Brooks is a huge fan of maximizing vertical spaces. Because dorm rooms and college apartments can be cramped, she suggest installing wall units to free up real estate on the floor. Installing shelves can be an excellent way to organize and store books, toiletries, shoes, and other accessories.

Wall storage

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Photo Credit: Houzz

Hide Your Desk Junk – Sometimes students have no choice but to store items underneath their desks, which can make the room appear cluttered. Brooks recommends using a table skirt or fun, funky fabric, along with some Velcro strips to hide the clutter and give the room a style boost.

Photo Credit: Love Your Room Blog

Picture It:  Instead of paint, use family and friend collages. One of Brooks’ favorite companies for wall décor is We Montage, which allows you to upload pics from your camera phone or social media to create peel-and-stick wall collages that won’t ruin the walls. Can you say, “Selfie”?


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Use Area Rugs: An area rug can be used to ground the space. Brooks says, “the fluffier, the better.” Fluffy area rugs create a “luxe” element to the room. For guys’ rooms, she suggests using darker colors. Dormify specializes in dorm room décor, including a wide selection of rugs tailor made for tiny living spaces.


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Light it “UP”:  Desk lamps can take up much needed space on a tiny desk. Ditch the desk lamp in favor of lights that can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. Brooks is a fan of IKEA, which boasts a variety of inexpensive, mountable lighting options.

KVART Ikea Lamp

Photo Credit: KVART Ikea Lamp

Being away at college can certainly make you yearn for the comforts of home, but with these savvy style tips, you can create a swanky, student-friendly environment perfect for studying, sleeping in, or sitting around, chatting with your new friends.

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