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7 Campus Safety Tips You Need to Know

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Transitioning to college life is a huge endeavor, and college campuses are huge places full of new experiences and new people.  You think you’re just there to focus on getting a degree, but little did you know starting college is almost like being set adrift on an uncharted ocean. Plus, this unchartered territory is full of people who don’t know anything about you. They don’t know what high school you went to, or your family, or where you lived, or anything about your past reputation.

Many of my college classmates took the opportunity to reinvent themselves to be like the popular rappers from their hometown, and try to rep like they had some hard-knock life. But they typically had parents who were well established, worked great jobs, and they never knew a day of struggle in their lives.

These newly adopted personas also put them in a very vulnerable space. I saw classmates get robbed and get beat up, because they just weren’t using wisdom in their campus life.  Your overall safety, and being aware of your surroundings, and how you are being perceived are high priorities.

Representatives from Tennessee State University in Nashville recommended the following safety tips students should take into account when beginning their college careers and adjusting to living in a new city or an unfamiliar region:

1. Attend any seminars on campus about crime prevention awareness techniques.

2. Keep a list of emergency numbers: Program the numbers in your phone and also keep a list of numbers in your wallet/purse in case an emergency responders need to contact family or friends.

3. Don’t travel anywhere alone: Always travel with at least one other person whom you trust, especially after dark! Be sure to remain in well-lit areas that are familiar to you. Remember to always notify someone if you’re going somewhere alone. Leave the location and the person(s) you’ll be with, too.

4. You may be attending school in a city with a public transportation system, which is a whole experience in itself.  A quick web search can give you plenty of tips about how to be safe while riding the bus, trains, or taxi cabs.

5. If you’re driving, have your keys in hand before you reach your vehicle

6. Keep your vehicle doors locked and avoid leaving valuables out.  Valuables left in sight can tempt a break-in.

7. Do not flaunt cash, jewelry, camera phones, or other things of value.

If you would like more information about Tennessee State University’s recommended  Tips For Safety, click HERE.

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