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5 Ways to Earn Extra Cash During the Holidays

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Exams are over. Grades are in.  Next thing you know, you’re engulfed in a sea of familiar faces, home for the holidays at last. You’ve earned a much-needed break, but don’t get too comfortable. In a few short weeks, classes will resume which means more books, more biology, and more bills in the form of tuition and fees.

If you’re worried about going back to campus broke, don’t. Make your holiday stash stretch a little farther with these simple ways to earn a little extra money:

1. Childcare: You aren’t the only one on holiday break. This time of year, parents with younger children are scrambling to find childcare options once they return to work.  Offer your services as a sitter, and charge $10-$12 per hour. A 20- to 30-hour workweek can have you walking away at least $300 richer.

2. “Team” Work: Every year, my old high school hosts winter basketball tournaments over the Christmas break. Due to the influx of parents, coaches, players, scouts, and spectators, the school was always in need of extra staff for security, keeping stats, concessions, cleanup and crowd control. Check with your local teams to find out how you can join the holiday sporting event staff.

3. Gift Wrap: I can’t think of anything that takes me OUT of the Christmas spirit more than the idea of having to wrap gifts! Not only am I terrible at it, but it’s a time consuming task that I’d rather PAY somebody to do. And I’m not the only one. Holiday gift wrappers rake in hundreds of extra dollars during the Christmas season with little more than paper, scissors, and tape. Offer your gift-wrapping services and people will flock to your door.

4. Personal Shopping: They don’t call it the “hustle and bustle” of the season for nothing. With families coming together, houses to clean, and food to prep, there’s little to no time to be out in the malls battling the crowds. As a personal shopper, you can brave the long lines and the cold for a pretty penny.  Use your social media accounts to promote your shopping services.

5. Driving Services: If you’ve got a good driving record, and reliable transportation, you can earn an excellent wage making airport runs for busy families, transporting elderly relatives, or helping someone with their last minute holiday errands to the post office.

The winter break is a great time to kick back, relax, and reconnect with family. Its also alive with possibilities to get your holiday hustle on and head back to campus a little bit richer.


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