The internet is freaking out about Sasha Obama’s Real Name

This explains everything. 

Months after the Obama family moved out of the White House and days after the tweens 16th birthday, the internet is finally learning Sasha Obama’s real name. But the funny thing about this  whole freak out session is that it’s always been common knowledge.

Writer Ashley C. Ford, tweeted about the day she found out that Sasha’s real name is “Natasha.”

Natasha Obama

The discovery started a whirlwind of internet chatter, some thought it was the markings of a “Russian conspiracy” theory. However, the Wikipedia had the answer for jump and everyone knows black people have nicknames!

Sweet 16

She’s almost an adult. Perhaps the innocent teen was having a coming of age moment, when she decided to go by her real name when she landed her first job at Nancy’s Seafood Restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard. Whatever the story is, we love Natasha and Sasha the same!