The Benefits of Having a Big Butt

Confession: I’ve always wanted a bigger butt (my sister got all the Big Booty genes in our family) and now I have “scientific” support to back up my desire.

According to ABC News, women with more junk in the trunk are healthier. Oxford researchers have found that women with body fat in their thighs and booties have “extra protection against diabetes, heart disease and other conditions associated with obesity.”

“If you’re going to have fat, you’re definitely better off if you’ve got some fat in the lower body,” said Dr. Michael Jensen, director of endocrine research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. “If you look at people who have primarily the pear shape, they’re healthy in all the ways that this fat behaves. It’s not just less heart attacks or less diabetes, it’s all these ways we think about fat as an important organ for our health.”

You can read the rest of the story HERE. Not only that, but apparently having a badonkadonk benefits the brain, too.

Women with big butts have a surplus of Omega 4 fats, which helps brain development. Ergo, women with wide hips may have smarter children than thinner women.

Other recent studies have concluded that a bigger butt may lead to a longer life as well. Better stock up on those red beans and rice!

The Oxford research team reportedly analyzed 16,000 women, but the study did not include fake butts. (Cough) Nicki Minaj (cough cough)

(Thin Woman measuring butt and hips image via Shutterstock)