Tasha Cobbs’ Gospel on Savings: 4 Tips on Making Your Money Stretch

Tasha Cobbs
Tasha Cobbs

By: Sylvia Obell

Recording artist Tasha Cobbs hasn’t wasted any time making her voice heard on the gospel music scene. Her debut album “Grace” landed the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Gospel Album chart. That wasn’t her only success. The PK’s first single “Break Every Chain” also surpassed expectations by debuting at No.1 on Billboard’s Top Digital Gospel Song Chart. Luckily, singing isn’t the only thing Cobbs does well. The nationally recognized minister — and self proclaimed frugal fashionista —stopped by JET’s offices to dish on her other passion: power shopping on budget. Here are Cobbs top four tips for spending less and getting more.


1.  Track Your Budget

You need to have something that you can look at and see where you’re spending too much money, like dining out.


2.  Use Technological Resources

Take control of your budget by checking it regularly on your phone, or by using apps or websites.


3.  Look But Don’t Touch

Once I saw a BCBG necklace that I really wanted, but instead of buying it for $90 I went and found one that looked just like it and was $70 cheaper. The same goes for clothes, find the looks you like in fashion magazines, then buy them at cheaper stores.


4.   Mix and Match Seasons

Sometimes we feel like we have to be on trend but some things from previous seasons can work—  if you put your look together right. Buy staples that are out of season and mix and match them with trendy items.