Talk Back: Stop Bashing the Obamas

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The other day I was talking with a friend via Skype and, knowing his interest in Black culture and politics, I asked him how he felt about Obama. He said, with no hesitation, that “he’s a puppet doing puppet’s work. He has to support the agenda of the lobbyists and on top of that he said nothing about Ferguson when they deployed military weapons and vehicles on Black people.”

I couldn’t help but to think of my Facebook timeline and how hundreds of my social media friends continuously express the same sentiment day after day. It’s as if the Black community felt slighted and hurt by the president’s choice of words, or lack thereof, when he addressed the Ferguson situation. I see posts saying he “didn’t say what we wanted to hear” or “he’s acting like a new Black.” Interesting.

Allow me to pose these questions.

Are you aware of the man who, in September, jumped the fence, ran across the lawn and actually made it inside of the White House only to be captured after entering? Or what about the armed ex-convict (hired to escort Obama and the Secret Service) who rode in the same elevator as the president while in Atlanta? No? Well, surely you’ve heard of Dominic Adesanya. The guy who jumped the fence of the White House in October and ran 30 yards across the front lawn before being attacked by two dogs.

Yes, I thought you have!

Here’s a theory that I’d like to propose to the Black community: Has it dawned on you that Obama has recognized he’s the most hated person in America and is, now, merely trying to make it out alive? Has it ever registered to you that his main goal, at this point, is to finish his term safely so that he and his family can finally be at peace? Think about it. It must be awful and quite scary to know that the very people who are supposed to protect you are purposely doing a piss poor job at it. Obama knows this. He is aware. As a result, he’s doing what needs to be done for the safety of his family and, sadly, that is to appease those who are most powerful. At this point, it’s not that our president doesn’t care about his community, but it’s more so that he doesn’t know who to trust.

As my friend pointed out, first lady Michelle Obama minored in African-American Studies at Princeton University. With this said, don’t dare think that the Obamas are out of touch with their Blackness. They know full well what’s going on outside of the White House and within our community. They hurt like we hurt and were disturbed with the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases just as much as we were. But unlike us, they can’t honestly verbalize their true feelings. Unlike us, they’re being bullied in their own home.

As a culture, it’s pertinent that we stop bashing and denouncing President Obama. Let us remember that at the end of the day, regardless of his status, he is still a Black man. This means he must be cautious of his words and actions, same as our uncles, brothers, nephews and fathers. He already has enough hatred coming from them, he doesn’t need it from us either.