Talk Back: The Fallacy of Black-on-Black Crime


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People keep mentioning “Black-on-Black” crime.

“How can you be angry about Ferguson and not care about the kids getting killed in the streets of Chicago?” they ask.

There is no such thing as “Black-on-Black” crime. There is only “criminal-on-victim” crime.

Labeling it as Black-on-Black makes us as Black people own the criminals and the victims. Ever hear of White-on-White crime?

It’s not because it doesn’t happen; it’s because in most people’s eyes there is no such thing as a Black victim. Think about it. I know a ton of Black people and I am certain none of them are murderers. “Black-on-Black” simply says “You ni**ers handle your own crime because we don’t care.”

Has there been any aggressive prosecution of young White men in malls, movie theaters, etc.? No, because those were just poor, mentally ill kids. WTF do you think gang members are?

My point is–I would never equate White to James Eagan Holmes (Aurora theater shooting) on face value. So why should I be penalized or ignored by the police because I am the same hue as some misguided kid who kills people? Just because another Black man kills people none of us can get any justice?

Can somebody out there just be a mature, honest adult about this?