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Talk Back: A New Take on “Pretty Face” Selfies

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Are you comfortable in your own skin? Do you have enough confidence to recognize how beautiful you are? You don’t have to wear make up to be pretty, your natural beauty is better because it’s unique and the real you. Never try to compare yourself to the next person because we don’t all have the same features and we all have flaws, whether we see them or not. But don’t let your flaws get in the way of your true beauty.

I vote that everyone do the “pretty face challenge,” which is a challenge on social networking sites that requires you to post at least five pictures of yourself that you consider pretty and then you must nominate two other people. We must remember that we all are pretty to someone and we are also ugly to some people, but what matters is that you recognize your own pretty in the mirror and embrace it.

That brings me to an important question: Is looking pretty more rewarding than feeling pretty? According to Lizabeth Reuban, a popular Tumblr poster, she feels a different way about the “pretty face challenge.”

“I was challenged to post a collage of pictures that I believe to be some of my prettiest. Initially, I felt like I wouldn’t find any. Often I don’t feel pretty. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I do care about my outward appearance. I own makeup. I have learned different ways to style my hair. I have a few pieces of nice clothing that I wear. However, none of those things make me feel pretty all around. What I mean is that, when I look good on the outside, I don’t always feel good on the inside. It is common for all of us to put on a show for everyone around us. It’s part of life. We want to appear confident and carefree even though we carry these thoughts of insecurity and or negativity about ourselves. I felt like this ‘pretty girl challenge’ was meant to be more than just posting pictures.” (Read the rest of Lizabeth’s wise words HERE.)

Agreeing with what Lizabeth said, I really look at the “pretty face challenge” in a different way because it’s not always about how you look. Being pretty is something you can put in your own words and make your own definition.

Embrace your pretty!