Talk Back: Dandelion Tears (Poem)

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I’m all too familiar with contented oblivion
Like a dandelion who hasn’t discovered everyone thinks its ugly

It was All normal to me
But then children began to realize that maybe
Your curls are a little too tight
Your coloring, lacking that celebrated light

And that is when it happens
Normal is defined as everything you are not
Beauty is defined as everything you are not

We all wanted to be normal
Or ambiguous enough to not be deemed utterly abnormal
Like those people

So we lie
My mama’s auntie is French
And, and on my daddy’s side they’re all Cherokee

And we cry,
Mama why can’t I be normal?
Am I beautiful mama?
Am I?

Why can’t I be like them, mama?
And we cry
And we cry
And we cry
To God and the world,
We cry

Because they chide us for not being normal
And we’re confused
Because the faces we love are tainted with that stain
And though the outcries may be muffled and small

These are the tears of dandelions in the Garden