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Talk Back: Damaged, A Hair Story

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Our brown little girls are burnin’ their curls just to fit in with little white girls who straighten their hair and wear Abercrombie jeans, according to white beauty standards which never fit me. I am damaged!

But that white goo, and that baby blue, was the beginning of the pain I saw her go through. I am damaged!

Poisoning chemicals got me all jacked up – and one day the wind had me stickin’ straight up. “Peacock, peacock” was the name she would hear, wishing I was like their hair as she wiped away her tears. I am damaged!

I am not like you guys… I didn’t look like the other girls’ hair – I didn’t lay down – no matter how much she tried… to iron me out. I am damaged!

I started to fall off at the end of each stroke. It pains me to say that she didn’t care how long it took and she would wait out the wait that it might take – just to receive the pretty promised by the evil she faced.

I am damaged!

Every day was a battle, a battle for beauty -only she was fighting me instead of her real enemy. I am damaged!

3a,3b, and 3c is cool until you reach 4c and you can’t comb through.
Brown, black, wavy, straight anything but me my girl took the bait. If it’s nappy, white people unhappy.. And so are we. I am damaged.

Beyoncé, Tyra, Ashanti and more. Many like them my girl did adore. Little did she know, their hair wasn’t real, white standards got the media – telling her how to feel. I am damaged!

After the tracks were in I got wrapped up, door shut and locked. She threw away the key as soon as she got to see the type of hair that I could be, but NEVER would be. I am damaged.

She couldn’t wait to show off her new ‘do, hoping finally that all her mixed girl dreams would come true.

How did your hair change over night?
Nice weave! Try harder next time baby!

But one fateful Sunday, I was set free – thanks to a silly mistake – That big fake tangled weave – attached to me, had to be stripped clean. She HAD to face me. I was damaged…

Through heart break and a silly mistake she was forced to see me, and see me strong. She then realized, that all along – the self love and confidence she was killing herself to seek at such a young age – was covered by hate. I was damaged!

I was once one of those brown little girls, burnin their curls just to fit in with little white girls, who straighten their hair and wear Abercrombie jeans. According to white beauty standards which will NEVER EVER fit me. I was damaged.