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Talk Back: Blacks Partly to Blame for Troubles

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As I flip the channels, I see what’s going on in the news. Ferguson, New York City deaths, protests. I turn the channel to the SEC Championship between Alabama and Missouri to take my mind off of the world, but it doesn’t work. These are sad times for black folks. High unemployment, and African-Americans murdered by cops with no convictions just to name a couple. But you know what? You’re part to blame. Don’t feel bad for yourself. People call us minorities like that’s something to be ashamed about. But it’s not.

Blacks aren’t even the most downtrodden of people. How many Native Americans have you met? On a global scale, Jews are the most persecuted of peoples. But they seem to be doing just fine. Why is that? When you think of the Jewish stereotypes what do you think of? And I don’t mean someone who’s cheap. I think of bankers, lawyers, higher ups in the television and movie industries, etc. They don’t feel like someone has stolen their power, or helpless in the world. Even after the atrocities by Hitler, they spread out, built wealth, grew wealth, and then prospered. Black folks could do that too. People talk about education and it’s importance, but why? Education equals knowledge which leads to money which leads to power. Like the Jews, when you get to power you help bring your folk along. I don’t mean a handout. Everyone involved still have to work. If you feel like you don’t have the power, then you need to outwork the ones who have it. Work hard, and work smarter.

Black people don’t feel the need to be political. It’s embarrassing after grandparents and great grandparents fought for equality that today’s generation of blacks are giving them right back. Not only should African-Americans vote, but they should bring along a companion for every relative that fought for their rights. Remember the struggles by not taking the simple things for granted. Or soon those simple things will fade away. Don’t get upset about Ferguson unless you voted in your own hometown. You let these people get into power by laying down at the voting polls.

Do you want to protest? Protest out of strength. Vandalism is for the one who can’t think and express their thoughts. Getting arrested only hurts you and your family. Everybody has something valuable. Don’t drink away your gifts of thought and action. Self medicating is slow death, and escape for the weak. Latch on to someone smarter than you. Learn what you can so to make it a strength. Unite with other minorities, Hispanics, Asians, etc., because we’re all in the same boat. Most importantly, do not fight or take arms against your brother. Dumb n’s do the work for the cops. And for goodness sakes learn the English language properly. Spouting off big words make you look like a wannabe, which makes you look even more ignorant. (See Stephen A. Smith) Ebonics is the language of fools. If you want to be blacker than black learn Swahili. You’ve got to learn your own language well before you can get ahead in life.

Parents, do you have a kid who excels at sports? I’m sure you’re proud of them. Maybe your kid is the first one in your family to have a chance at college. That’s what we need. Now what we don’t need is parents that forgot the past and send their kids to schools in the deep south. Are you proud that your son plays football for Alabama, Ole Miss, Tennessee, etc.? You shouldn’t be. Do you remember what happened in those states? With the Koch Brothers writing the textbooks your kids won’t learn unless you make the effort. Black people died there in large numbers. Blacks were hung, burned, shot, and died in every way imaginable. Those people cheering for your son at Alabama, well, some of those were their ancestors who were a part of it. Why do you care about their tradition? White people throw some money at poor black people and they forget the past.

Black people should not be proud to support the Crimson Tide, the Volunteers, the Rebels, etc. Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, your big-time SEC schools… SMH. Tennessee,… birthplace of the Klu Klux Klan. Hell, Ole Miss’ mascot was a rebel! An old Confederate slave owner! You coaches and teachers that encourage the kids to go to these schools or profit off of them are even worse. Don’t buy into the white dream at these schools. Build your own dream. Use an education at a school to better yourself. Now, I know every school has their racists. I’m not saying to avoid schools in the South altogether. These are the worst. And black folks are building them up by sending their kids there. How many of those states would elect a black man to be President? At least North Carolina and Virginia voted for Obama in one or both elections. The other states, they don’t see you as equals. It’s just modern day slavery.

Take action, be accountable, but be smart, look out for your brother and sister, and be safe.

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