Tales From a 99 Day Juicing Challenge – Part 5

Writer Darralynn Hutson has been documenting her 99 day juice fast. In part 5, she’s more reflective about what she’s learned and even provides a recipe.


When pushing my 4 yr old daughter, Nya, to eat the green things on her place the umpteenth time Sunday night, she paused and looked me square in the eye saying, “mommy, I made my choice,” she gleamed.

Although she wanted to show her authority at that very moment, her words resounded in me this week. The dictionary defines the word “Choice” as an act or instance of choosing; selecting. The word gives you some power honestly. Greasy fast food can certainly satisfy that beast but crisp greens with red tomatoes and cucumbers, now that’s making a choice!

Something about what she owned up led me to a few truths about myself?

  1. You get what you choose. We are all in control of our outcomes, really. We are responsible. It’s easy to just give in to that McDonalds sitting on every corner or the Subway in every BP gas station in my hood. But reality is that that kind of journey that I’ve taken has led me here. 250 pounds, evil thoughts of suicide, destructive thoughts of giving up on my dreams and even worst, leaving a terrible and fat, unhealthy legacy for my daughter. We can choose to keep doing the same things, buying the same foods, getting more and more lazy about what goes into your mouth. We can choose to be the health nut in the family picky about what you eat. Or you can wait for the diabetes diagnosis that you know is coming if you don’t already have it. If you get to choose your career, your car, where you live, work out and worship…..why not choose healthy?

  2. Settling for what’s in front of me or what’s in my neighborhood is not paying off. Anybody in my family will let you know that Detroit has never limited my way of thinking. I’ve experienced the tastes and cultures of other cities and countries and know that there’s more than that fast food and mediocre grocery stores of the NW side of Detroit where I live and where most of my family lives. So many of us make the wrong choices with food because of our surroundings, what’s in our pockets or EBT cards. It’s cheaper to buy unhealthy food than healthy food. That’s true. But being committed to a higher standard has always been my thing in life; with my education, career, productions and especially my editorial and digital content. Why not choice healthy with my body?

All of us that eat bad, or have a bad relationship with food has a profound opportunity to take power in choosing and making a big impact on the next generation. Maybe you’ll be the one, like me, that’ll never have to be on daily medication or never be diagnosis with hypertension. Maybe you’re meant to be the one that loses that weight that’s keeping your body and mind so grounded.

I got measured again today, the 37th day of my 99-day challenge. I’d made hundreds of choices the last 37 days and the result was a loss of four damn inches on my bust, midriff and waist. Terribly disappointed, I immediately thought to slack on the workout and grab a chicken salad with my $12 bucks, go home and eat. Why was THAT my first thought? Good question…working on that. But that would have been a normal, Dedee choice. And of the hundreds of choices that I made today, I’m most proud of the choice that I made to stay on the elliptical for a full 15 mins and the stationary bike another 25 mins; then go to Aldi and purchase, (2) bags of granny smith and fuji apples, a bag of lemons, (2) stalks of celery and (4) cucumbers. Exactly $12 bucks. Sipping on my afternoon Mean Green juice….., just a few of the many daily choices. This was a good choice!

Until next week.

My Mean Green Recipe  

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 5.23.10 PM

(2) Granny Smith Apples

(2) Red Apples (Fuji, Red Delicious, Empire or Gala)

½ stalk of Celery

(1) Whole Cucumber

(1) Stalk of Kale (usually comes tied together in most markets or grocers)

(1) Stalk or (4 or 5) large handfuls of spinach (usually comes tied together if organic or you can buy it in large bags)

Slithers of Ginger (your choice)

(1) whole Lemon (no skin)


This yields about 32 oz. I drink this for Breakfast and Early Lunch.

It’s refreshing and you can taste any of the veggies slightly, the apples, lemon and ginger overpower the kale & spinach.