Tales From a 99 Day Juicing Challenge – Part 3

Ever wonder what it’s like to go on a juice fast? Welp, writer Darralynn Hutson embarked on a 99 day journey and shared her story. Check out part three!


Imagine that your on the operating table in a life-or-death situation. Your family gathers in the waiting room waiting for the doctor to come through the doors with good news.
When they finally arrive, your family don’t want to hear about how hard the team worked or that they “gave it all they had” and even cancelling her scheduled family time. At this moment, trying doesn’t really matter. You simply need results. Day marks 21. The amount of time it takes to erase a bad habit.
In the past when I haven’t delivered, especially on diets or lifestyle changes, I’d try to justify my results with excuses like My big family eats all the time!,” or “Do you know how hard it is to work out with my daughter?” Yes, effort generally does produce results, but effort and results are absolutely not the same.

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