The Swimsuit Every Black Girl Needs To Slay Vacation

It’s so cute! 

Makeup Shayla wore the swimsuit every black girl needs to slay their own vacation. Her snapchat channel is damn near workout inspiration for someone who wears tights to brunch but never gets to the gym. Because that Covergirl knows how to werk.


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Here is Makeup Shayla slaying on the beach in Cuba. She is wearing a Tangerine two-piece, with a crop long sleeve surfer shirt. The swimsuit is from OMG Miami Swimwear. 

Get the look

This style is great for curvy women with a bigger bust. sometimes, triangle bikinis are too revealing and everything just doesn’t fit right, so these crop long sleeve alternatives or additions, are great for vacation. The correct term is a surfer “Rash guard.” These crop long sleeve neoprene tops protect your skin from rubbing against rough surf and paddle boards.

Yacht season is approaching, ladies!