Survival Guide: How To Look Cute Camping Out At Coachella

Don’t forget your baby wipes and cut-off shorts. 

Coachella, the yearly festival that started in the late 90s and takes place in the desert, has turned into one of the biggest concerts in music and pop culture for every fashion girl.  People come from all over the world to see the biggest names in music perform and just recently , it has turned into a stylish place for models, celebrities and people alike to strut their best outfits in the most unlikely temperatures to dress up and look cool. And if you are camping out, it’s even more of a challenge to look cute and chic, and refreshed given the crazy conditions camping out in the desert presents.

Here is our survival guide on how to look cute campaign out at Coachella.

Bring Your Cut-Offs

Your go-to pair of shorts will carry you through the entire weekend of camping out. Make sure they are comfortable because you may be sleeping in them too.

A Silk Night Gown

Pack a silk night gown that can easily double as a dress. As you may already know, this is a great trend.

A long sleeve work out shirt

A water proof  athletic workout shirt is a must! Buy one from your local sports store or Uniqlo. You don’t know what the desert conditions will be until you get to the desert. It may rain, it may be chilly AF, your tent may break, your sleeping bag may soiled. This can be easily layered with a cute floral dress.

A Bandana

People just don’t wear bandanas because they look cool, it is to fight off the desert sand wind.

A cheap pair of sunnies

…That matches your bandana. We recommend RumbaTime’s new spring sunnies that are under $50.

A Poncho

That doubles as a blanket.

A Bag That Holds Everything

Fantasy: you pull up with a suit case full of clothes, silk bed sheets, a nice pillow, a 30-piece vanity set.

Comfortable Leather Combat Boots

You’ll need a pair of shoes to rage in, but also navigate the icky camping grounds. There’s soiled grass and trash everywhere. Stay away from anything suede, just in case you step in someone’s vomit. TBH, sandals  and definitely not heels are suggested if you are camping out. Maybe flip flops if you plan on showering.